- Five accomplished rock musicians
- Emotionally driven melodic rock
- Impressing audiences and venues alike

Denzeity is five professional musicians who've come together to bring the music of guitarist/vocalist Simon Denzley to a live audience.

Formed from session players and led by Simon, who's passion is to infuse music with palpable live energy, the band have been impressing crowds and venue owners with energetic, tight sets and memorable songs. Reviewers are quoted as saying: "Powerful Passionate vocals, Hendrixesque guitar, tight percusion and a keyboardist like Ian Curtis losing control".

Stylistically they have been described as a "Modern cross between Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin with a bit of Crowded House and Jeff Buckley thrown into the mix".

See official and live videos on the videos page.

The Line Up

The Line UpThe guys that make up Denzeity are all talented musicians in their own right with plently of both live and recording experience...


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Live Shows

Live ShowsWhen are the guys playing live? Details of Denzeity gigs and also Simon's acoustic solo sets, can be found here...


MusicIt's all about the music after all. Check out the music page to hear tracks from Simon's rough mix demos to releases


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