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Bora Bekiroğlu

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Bora Bekiroğlu playing bass guitar on Stage

Bass Guitar

From playing bass for the Eurovision song contest to touring and recording with numerous European acts, Bora Bekiroğlu has demonstrated his sought after bass playing credentials many times over.

Cutting his teeth in Istanbul, Bora performed for 6 years in various function and cover bands.

Having gained the necessary performing experience, he went on to produce his own material, releasing several records with Avam Grade Trio - an ethnic/electronic fusion band, Odylle - a dutch singer songwriter (playing a fretless upright bass), Siyah (Black) - an alternative rock band and Mikado - a progressive pop-rock-jazz band.

Bora Bekiroglu playing bass guitar on Stage He joined Turkish pop star Can Bonomo’s crew from his debut in 2010 until 2015, playing on his Eurovision song contest entry which reached seventh position on the night.

Bora is also a professional photographer, mixing engineer, and filmaker. With 16 years as one of Istanbul's top session multi-genre bass players, as well as his his other talents, Bora realised that there is nothing much left to be done in Turkey, particularly with the upcoming economic crisis there. Deciding it was better to pursue his dreams in the English speaking world music capital, he moved to London in May, 2018 and joined Denzeity, a band that shares his talent and ambitions.

He has also joined Simon as the bass player in the Glen Campbell tribute stage show in which Simon is playing Glen Campbell.

See Bora playing with Siyah (Black in English):

Bora Bekiroğlu playing with alternative rock band Siyah.