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Gary Cunningham

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Gary Cunningham playing live on Stage with Denzeity


An astonishingly good piano and keyboard player at the age of 19, Gary Cunningham is already an accomplished touring session musician able to count The Signatures, The 45's and The Post Floyd Dream amoungst the bands he has worked with.

Hailing from Billericay in Essex, Gary has been playing the keys for 15 years and has been in a multitude of bands since the age of nine. Aged 19 and having completed his first UK tour with The Signatures, Gary has regularly performed in front of crowds of up to four thousand people. Gary has also played keys for Charley Monroe, Leigh Luscious and the Pink Floyd Tribute band The Post Floyd Dream.

It's not just his playing skill that has been in demand. Gary has also doubled as Musical Director for Powercut, Anna-Marie Childs, Charlie Sansom (Musical Director only), and The 45's. He's also a talented songwriter in his own right.

Gary Cunningham playing live on StageWanting to finish his studies (professional music and music teaching), Gary gave up the touring life at the start of the 2018 but kept working as a freelance session player.

Gary nearly didn't end up working with Denzeity, having assumed Simon's land line number was just another sales call, but the number kept calling so Gary eventually called back - and is now the proud keyboard player with Denzeity.

See Gary playing with The Signatures:

Gary playing with Norther Soul band The Signatures.