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Mike Gibbons

"Simon Denzley has created the perfect debut rock single" - magazine

Lead Guitarist

With many years as a professional session guitaist, Mike Gibbons has played with numerous well known acts both in the studio and live. His work will be familar to many from radio rock songs through to ad jingles and tv theme songs.

A chance glace at a TOTO DVD at the age of 13 resulted in Mike being totally in awe of Steve Lukather and he set about doing everything he could to become a great session guitarist like Steve. He bought every record he could find featuring great guitar players and read every magazine article he could featuring them. This was not a craving to become a rock star but an ambition to be a great guitar player and respected musician.

Although focusing on rock music, Mike studied clasical guitar and immersed himself in in as many styles as he possibly could, emerging as as the sought after guitar player he always wanted to be, as well as an accomplished songwriter in his own right.

Mike Gibbons playing live on StageMike has played in the studio and on stage with numerous stars including T’Pau, Leanne Mitchell (winner of The Voice 2012), Jamie Johnson (finalist The Voice 2014) and The Supremes. His work can also be heard on ads for Primark, Flora, Pampers, on the Horrid Henry theme tune and other television shows. He also ran his own originals project 'Cast Of Thousands' for which he was the principle songwriter and has been a lecturer in music at a nunber of respected institutions.

Mike plays for several bands including his own new originals project and is constantly expanding his musical horizons into new and exciting projects.

See Mike performing with T’Pau in June 2017 - China in your hand:

Mike performing China in your hand with T’Pau at Butlins Bognor June 2017.