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Tom Ramsay

"Thank you Simon for playing. - Your singing and guitar playing was excellent." - Rob Stevens on his musical marriage proposal to his girlfriend.

Tom Ramsay playing guitar on Stage

Lead Guitar

When Denzeity were looking for a new guitarist, the one that really caught their ear was Tom Ramsay. Whilst not a professional musician like other band members, Tom showed a musical instinct remeniscent of David Gilmour and Jimmy Page - which is exactly what they were after.

Inspired by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Mark Knopfler and Ritchie Blackmore, Tom bought his first electric guitar off ebay at the age of 10. It was an old Epiphone Les Paul copy. Teaching himself the basics through listening to his guitar heros, his eclectic taste in music and the desire to be proficient in multiple genres led him to take part in regular lessons.

He progressed through the grades, learning a variety of techniques all the while forming his own unique style. The desire to play with other musicians and perform on stage compelled him to join his first band, London-based 3-piece ‘Tiki Cortez’, playing a mixture of funk and rock.

Tom Ramsey on guitar in Studio The next band he joined, ‘Rapid Response’ saw him enter the studio for the first time, laying down tracks for an EP at the award-winning ‘Soho Square studios’. He then joined alternative-rock rock band ‘Zenith’, performing in London and Brighton and recording an EP at Brighton’s Electric studios.

Looking to progress his musical career, Tom responded to an online advert offering the opportunity to join an exciting new project playing with professional level musicians and applied to audition for the lead guitar role with Denzeity.

He continues to play with folk band ‘Away With The Faeries’, rock covers band ‘The Neil Gilbert Experience’.

See Tom playing with The Neil Gilbert Experience:

A montage of Tom Ramsay solos with cover band The Neil Gilbert Experience.