Just got my life

"Really like the track [History], will happily add it to our play list this week" - John Weller, Head Of Music, Nevis Radio

Just got my life is a popular song in Simon's acoustic live sets. It was Paul's favourite (engineer and co producer) and has also been considered as a single.

Simon wrote Just got my life on a borrowed guitar while living in a hostel in London after coming back from traveling around central Europe. It talks about the trasition a person makes in their life through traveling. This is most clearly expressed in the third verse lyric:

Now that you’ve come to see me today
You’ll notice a different man to the one gone away.
You’ll say that it’s not how it was meant to be
But I tell you it was, I have listened to me.

This recording is a rough mix of the song rather than a final releasable mix but it does show the song's potential. It features Simon's wonderful vocal harmony arrangment in the middle eight section over an unusual chord progression.

Just Got My Life

Music & Lyrics by Simon Densley


Simon Densley - Guitars and Vocals
Mario Quarta - Drums
John 'Scaly' Scales - Bass Guitar
Jessica Lauren - Rhodes Electric Piano
Martin Ditcham - Percussion
Brad Walker - Piano and Keyboards

Produced by Simon Densley
Additional Production by Paul Madden and Brad Walker
Engineered by Paul Madden and Troy Hermes
Rough mix by Simon Densley
Recorded at The Smoke House / Intimate Studios London